Logo for CHIP

CHIP was founded in 1996 by Sean Cassidy.

Sean, a former Certified Athletic Trainer and Certified Cooper Law Enforcement Physical Fitness Specialist, was exposed to the hiring process municipalities undertake when seeking qualified police candidates while he was employed as a PT Instructor by the Connecticut Police Officer Standards and Training Council.

CHIP was awarded a contract by the Capitol Region Council of Governments (CRCOG) to provide physical ability assessments for their public safety council. The CHIP Card was the result of the CRCOG contract.

The goals of the CHIP Card:

  • Reduce the burden on the police candidates by allowing them to take one Physical Ability Assessment that would be accepted by multiple police agencies.
  • Reduce the time and cost for the police departments by allowing one centralized group to provide the Physical Ability Assessment.

Police departments throughout the state are realizing the convenience of working with a central testing service that not only caters to their unique assessment needs, but helps to expand their potential pool of applicants at no additional cost to the department.

Testing with CHIP helps candidates apply to a network of participating police departments and helps departments conserve resources by outsourcing their testing.