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In the 1950s and ’60s, the federal government made physical education a priority. There was an understanding that physical activity was critical to the health of the student, the community, and the nation. That prioritization has deteriorated over time.

CertifyFit.com is a system built for students, teachers, administrators and districts. We want to be your partner in making student fitness, health, and resiliency a priority. Using our platform, teachers will be able to test, measure, and track a student’s physical fitness level over the span of their academic career. Education has become a data-driven profession, and CertifyFit.com provides students and teachers with actionable, real-time data.

As a nation, we are faced with a healthcare crisis of preventable diseases. We believe that the solution to preventable disease lies not in our healthcare system, but with our physical educators. Teaching students to embrace lifelong physical activity and a healthy lifestyle is as important as academics.

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