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Public safety professionals spend most of their time in rather sedentary jobs, in long bouts of calm that are interrupted by high-intensity, high-risk situations. These latter situations are why public safety professionals exist. Physical fitness levels, training, and experience will determine the effectiveness of their response – and members with poor fitness are limited in response options. A lack of muscular strength, flexibility, or stamina can have a negative impact and increase the risk of injury.

CertifyFit.com goes beyond the annual or semi-annual required physical fitness test. It provides a place to house the department’s officer wellness program, generate and track results, and view results from a historical and meaningful perspective. Providing personal context for these results helps the city or town to motivate officers and provide incentives for maintaining their fitness level.

A person’s fitness level is always either improving or getting worse. CertifyFit.com provides visual feedback and data to make it clear which direction each officer’s fitness level is heading. Newly appointed officers almost always start out healthy – and our platform helps to keep them healthy over the course of their careers.

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