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Why should police departments use CHIP for candidate testing?

Recent trends have shown that the number of qualified candidates for police positions is decreasing. When you’re looking to fill department openings with qualified candidates, the last thing you need is the additional obstacle of multiple physical ability assessments.

Complete Health & Injury Prevention (CHIP) provides physical ability assessment service for more than 80 police agencies in the state of Connecticut.  The Test is also accepted by agencies in NY, FL, etc.  Any department or agency can accept our results.  To verify results go to: www.CertifyFit.com/everify or call us!

When a candidate has successfully completed the Physical Ability Assessment with CHIP, they receive a CHIP card, valid for six months and accepted by all participating CHIP municipalities, so the candidate can apply to multiple departments without having to complete the testing again—a savings to the candidate and a benefit to your department.

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