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Why should police departments use CHIP Certification for candidate testing?

Your department will - Save time, eliminate an expense and avoid many of the pitfalls of administering your own test.  We provide a fair, impartial and professional testing process.   Participating departments will avoid the potential accusations of favoritism or bias that can arise during any testing process.   

Why Applicants Prefer CHIP:  

Applicants pay one (1) fee and can utilize their results for all participating agencies.  

Our ongoing testing process offers applicants the flexibility to select a test date that best suits their schedule.  Departments simply provide applicants with a deadline to take and pass the CHIP Certification Test.

Applicants who fail have an opportunity to retest.  This lowers the overall testing stakes and accommodates for an unexpected poor performance.   

Standards and Assessments vary by state and agency.   CHIP has administered testing based on the Cooper Norms for the past 25 years.   Additionally, we have developed and administered functional assessments for a number of public safety positions.  Through our test and measurement platform we have the ability to configure, test and measure any physical performance your agency deems necessary.  Examples - 1.5-mile run, vertical jump, grip strength, trigger pull, agility run, dummy drag, rowing, obstacle course – you name it, we can test it.

Get Started

  • Set CHIP Certification as a prerequisite.
  • Direct potential applicants to take and pass the CHIP Test.
    • You must pass the CHIP test to apply!
  • Open application process.
  • Coordinate with CHIP test schedule. Allow test opportunities before the application deadline.
  • Close the application process.
  • The outcome: Applicants will be pre-screened. Allowing the department to focus on individuals who have demonstrated the ability to pass the physical fitness test.

“Implementing the CHIP card will undoubtedly streamline the police hiring process.  This paradigm shift is guaranteed to save time and money, while simultaneously making the selections process more accommodating for prospective applicants.” (Retired) Sergeant James Scott, Connecticut State Police

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