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The ranks of law enforcement agencies and fire departments across the country are filled with a diverse group of people.  This includes varying socioeconomic backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, and religious backgrounds.  As diverse as they are, there are some common threads that they share.

  1. They are not built for desk jobs.  
  2. They have a desire to help their communities, 
  3. They don't shy away from challenges.
  4. They train to be better.
  5. They work effectively in teams or individually.
  6. And, many were former athletes.

The lessons learned through athletics provides a great foundation for a successful career in public safety.   Why not capitalize on all your hard work and determination and take the first step towards a career in public safety.  

On campus testing can be arranged if you have 15 individuals willing to test.  To arrange for on campus testing, complete this form and we will follow up with you to schedule a test.

Pass the CHIP Test and kick start the testing process to become a police officer!   CHIP Test Schedule

Pass the CPAT and kick start the testing process to become a firefighter!  CPAT Test Schedule