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Staying Active in Winter: How to Exercise Outside in Cold Weather

If you’re a die-hard outdoor enthusiast with it comes to exercise, winter weather can pose problems. Extreme cold, ice, sleet, wind, snow, and lack of daylight can all conspire to keep you on the couch.

You can always go to the gym, work out to an online video in your living room, or exercise inside if you’re lucky enough to have exercise equipment set up in your home, but if you prefer to exercise outside, cold weather doesn’t have to keep you sidelined.

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Posted 2/27/2019

The Importance of Police Officer Wellness

When you’re a police officer, your health and wellness is crucial. Not only does good officer wellness reduce on-the-job injuries and make you better able to respond to calls and perform your duties, it can affect all aspects of your life throughout your entire career and even after you retire from duty.

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Posted 2/8/2019

The Importance of Physical Fitness for Kids

Everyone should engage in regular physical activity to improve overall health and fitness. While it’s never too late for adults to start getting in shape, children who develop good health and fitness habits early in their lives are establishing a strong foundation for a healthy and happy adulthood.

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Posted 1/17/2019