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Need a Quick Pick-Me-Up On the Job? Say No to Processed Snacks

When you’re working in an active job like law enforcement or public safety, there are times when you’re feeling a little sluggish and in need of a snack to give you some energy. Which snack you choose can make a huge difference—not only in your energy and stamina on the job, but in your long-term health.

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Posted 4/5/2019

Why It’s Never Too Late to Start Exercising

Maybe you used to exercise when you were younger but have slipped into a more sedentary lifestyle, or maybe you were never much of exerciser in the first place. Either way, there’s good news: exercising can help you live longer, no matter when you start.

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Posted 3/18/2019

How Push-Ups Can Reveal Heart Attack Risk in Police Officers

There are many ways to reduce your risk of having a heart attack, including exercising regularly, eating sensibly, maintaining a healthy weight, reducing stress, and not smoking.

Healthy habits are a great way to protect your heart, but how do you know if it’s working? Now maybe you can, and it will only take a couple minutes to find out.

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Posted 3/4/2019